Sunday, 2 September 2012

THE 'BURGH and I don't mean Chris de...

So Edinburgh... I was in you. And it was good. I'm slightly unsure as to how it was for you - maybe a tinge sloppy and slightly unsatisfactory, but for me it was great. So... *Shrugs shoulders... Shuffles away*

Well that was awkward and I'm glad we've got it out the way. BUT YES. I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012. For the very first time in my little old 26 years of age life. I was a Fringe Virgin and now like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes my fringe hymen is broken. In pieces. Scattered all over Edinburgh from the Royal Mile to the Pleasance Dome.

Good Old Edders (I can call it that now) hit me like a  theatrical stampede of jazz handing wildebeest. However, unlike Mufasa, I did not leave my son (OBVIOUS HAMLET METAPHOR) to reek my revenge with the help of a meercat and a warthog and become king; instead, I grabbed the wildebeest by their spangly horns and rode them off into the Scottish sunset.
I saw a cornucopia of theatre and comedy ranging from stand up (BIG UP TOM DEACON) to sketch groups (BIG UP JAMES MCNICHOLAS AND 'BEASTS'), from movement (BIG UP CAPTAIN KO AND THE PLANET OF THE RICE) to drama (BIG UP ADAM LENSON). I was turgid with theatre. And it was perfect.

However, the piece that blew my brains out and tore my socks off was Translunar Paradise. Two actors, two masks and an accordion. It was simple, beautiful and breathtaking. The piece charted the relationship of a grandma and a grandpa from their first meeting, through marriage, miscarriage, life and death via the sole mediums of movement and music.
I. Balled. My. Eyes. Out.

I will hold my hands up and say that I am very susceptible to emotional manipulation but this was none of that. It was the simple truth about growing old with someone you love. And it was beautiful.

I also saw a comedian having a nervous breakdown, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' where one of the actors was shitfaced and midget put a sword down her throat. So all in all I think I had the COMPLETE works of Edinburgh.

Needless to say I was instantly inspired and wrote a 10 minute stand up comedy routine on the train home. WATCH. THIS. SPACE.

*please don't watch this space please don't watch this space please don't watch this space"

Ps. Does Seth Rogen enjoy Rogan Josh? Just a thought.

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