Wednesday, 6 March 2013



Bet you weren’t expecting an opening like that! (SAID THE ACTRESS TO THE BISHOP... Stop it. Stop it now.) 

So yes, it’s official. I am moving to the Lake District for seven months, Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake to be more geographically specific. LOVE geographical specificity. 

Try saying that after a couple of G and T’s with a wine gum in your pie hole. I have. It’s easy. 

(Note to the reader… I’m lying.)

Thus, in the words of Wyclef Jean, “I’ll be gone 'til November”. I can think of many other great Wyclef quotes to throw into the mix but they probably don’t fall into the appropriate category. But then again, neither do I.

Also did you know Wyclef’s middle name is ‘Jeanelle’? So he’s Wyclef Jeanelle Jean. I think I might change my average, if not slightly regal middle name of ‘Elizabeth’ to ‘Dazelle’. Laura Dazelle Darrall. In the words of my third year university tutor, “It works.”

(Said tutor was often found sporting a crushed velvet poppered shirt with the one of the poppers casually un-popped revealing a rather large outy belly button. I won’t be following suit.)

I digress and the frozen North beckons… as does an acting job! HUZZAH! I will be doing three very different plays in rep throughout the Keswick season: Vincent in Brixton, An Inspector Calls and She Stoops to Conquer. (Predictive text on my phone keeps insisting it’s She Stools to Conquer. I refuse to correct it and can’t promise that I won't make that into a nickname… )

I have spent the last three years of my acting career understudying so it feels INCREDIBLE to finally be able to sink my teeth into parts (euphemistic wheeeey!) which I can call and make my own. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every minute of understudying and have learnt shed loads but I have paid my dues and am done. DONE.

Anna, my character in Vincent in Brixton is Vincent van Gough’s sister and thus requires a Dutch accent… I think 90% Borat and 10% German is the right accentual ratio. Right? RIGHT?! Keswick does not know what’s about to hit it. 

Me in a mankini, that’s what.

The theatre is situated on a lake (naturally, being in the Lake District and being called Theatre by the Lake) and is surrounded by hills; hence my declaration and determination to become proficient in rambling and orienteering. I was a girl guide once; my Morris dancing badge has not failed me yet!

I’ve also decided to teach myself the ukulele while I'm up there… I'm thinking a slightly kookier version of Maria from The Sound of Music. Just with sheep instead of goats and a ukulele instead of children.

So over summer, if you prick up your ears and squint to the North, you may see on a distant hill, in a far-away vale, a tiny creature inappropriately attired, squeaking in Kazakhstani, murdering a pygmy instrument and stomping at a gradient.

And that my friends will be me, acting. Acting and rambling. It’s six of one half a dozen of the other.