Friday, 24 June 2016


So the world is reeling, I am reeling. This is the biggest political event that has ever happened in my lifetime. Whichever way you voted the future is now uncertain and we are in a limbo of the unknown. When so much is up in the air and change for better or worse is underfoot I feel the one thing we need to do is focus on humanity. The stuff that binds us: kindness, patience and support.

There is so much hatred in this world, so much anger, so much injustice that we need to look at what we CAN do to make a difference. Even if it is a tiny difference. Smile at someone on the street, return a lost wallet, reassure someone. Anything. We need to help people see that, whatever the future, wherever you are, the spirit of human kindness cannot and will not be stamped out.

We need to work from the grass roots up: a butterfly spreads its wings and a hurricane starts. Who knows, that one smile you give one person could spur them on to make a difference in someone else’s life, could give them the confidence to smile at others, to approach someone in need, to change the world.

Whatever your views on religion and what man has done with it, the fundamental basis for them all is kindness. Love and kindness. Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. That is how we need to live our lives, to treat a stranger as our best friend, to be selfless and look out for others. I know it is far more easily said than done but actually, somehow, if we can look past ourselves and let things go, it is not that hard after all.

Because of who I am, who I have grown into, I will always look for an inclusive world, a hopeful world and a world that, no matter what is thrown at it, will try and do its best for people. I know I am idealistic, possibly na├»ve and hopeful to a fault but honestly, I see nothing wrong in that. We need hope, we need love and we need support. 

These are all the things we were taught as children: be kind, share what you have, don’t snatch, say sorry, forgive and have patience. They sound like a pretty sensible way of living to me.

We can but try.

Laura x


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